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Nourished Journal is a bi-annual lifestyle publication. The aim of Nourished Journal is not only to create an inspiring publication, but also to be a platform for readers and contributors alike to share, learn and connect. The journal features interviews with inspiring individuals, uplifting and informative editorial, recipes, travel stories and practical information on health and wellbeing. We believe in taking a holistic view on life, which you will see reflected throughout the journal.Nourished Journal is wholly owned and produced by Made Publishers.

Nourished’s editorial direction is built on a foundation of knowledge and insight. With a wide range of contributors across multiple disciplines, Nourished’s content is as comprehensive as it is diverse. Featuring profiles, interviews, guides, recipes and editorial content, Nourished has been created for individuals with a strong interest in health and wellbeing, it also appeals greatly to those seeking inspiration in the areas of beauty, food, travel & lifestyle.


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For order and online store enquiries, please contact us at orders@madepublishers.com. For all other general enquires and feedback, please contact us at hello@nourishedjournal.com. We can also be reached on Twitter and Instagram.


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Want to be kept up to date and be the first to notified about new publications?
We welcome conversation with our readers and would love to hear from you.

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