Meredith Baird Figone: Q&A

Meredith Baird Figone: Q&A

Posted: January 26, 2017 by: Amber Hourigan

It is with great pleasure that we welcome our new Co-Editor, Meredith Baird Figone, to the Nourished Team. With four published books under her belt and the recently launched Skincare Brand, Nucifera, Meredith brings a wealth of knowledge across multiple genres. We are excited to have Meredith as part of our editorial team and look forward to sharing her passion for all things “Nourished” in upcoming editions.

Lets get to know Meredith with a quick Q&A!

I usually wake up at: Naturally around 7:30am.

I always start my morning with:
These days - family bedtime hang. My baby is so smiley and cozy in the morning we just lie around and laugh and play with her.

My go-to breakfast is:
I’ve been trying to make protein ‘milk’ daily. Right now its homemade hemp milk, Terrasoul grain free turmeric protein powder that I’m testing out, coconut oil, tocotrienols honey, and then whatever herbs I’m feeling. That, or steel cut oats loaded with different superfood berries, and sprouted nuts/ seeds etc.

My morning beverage:
Americano blended with Coconut Oil or steamed almond milk.

I take these supplements:
During pregnancy and post- iron has made the biggest difference for me. I’ve been taking a grass-fed desiccated liver pill that feels really good. And my friend started the vitamin company Ritual, I’ve been loving it. My favorite part is that they include a little bit of peppermint oil in the formula so when you burp (because vitamins do make you burp!) - it tastes like peppermint!.

I love a bath or shower:
Bath. I’m obsessed with baths.

My favorite form of exercise:

My favorite daily ritual:
My day is built around rituals- so each one is my favorite for that time. I love my Americano or whatever warm morning beverage I have. I love taking a bath daily. I love going for a walk daily. And I love having a glass of wine in the evening. I love making dinner. One of the challenges of motherhood is just not having that quiet time to get into my little personal rituals like I used to- but trying to maintain them is one of the most important ways for me to stay balanced.

The beauty product I couldn’t live without:
My product. Nucifera - The Balm. This could be an easy plug, but it’s totally true!.

My most recent health/wellness find:
Guru Jagat’s book- Invincible Living. I’ve been doing Kundalini Yoga for a few years off and on, and although some of the concepts can feel a bit esoteric, there is something that keeps you coming back. The book Invincible Living really puts it all in very practical terminology and has really inspired me to work on continuing to grow spiritually and be the highest caliber version of myself.

For dinner I usually eat:
Vegetables 1000 ways. I bought my husband a Japanese cooking pot - Donabe - for Christmas. This January we’ve pretty much been using it non-stop. I make it with steamed vegetables, seaweed and mushrooms, tons of delicious miso broth made with kombu dashi + I’ve been experimenting with different noodles- kelp, laksa, mung bean etc.

I go to bed at:
I usually fall asleep watching a show around 10:30. Bedtime around 11.

My guilty pleasure:
Wine, but I don’t really feel guilty about it.

My playlist includes:
I’m a shameless fan of 90s grunge/alternative bands- and on any given day solo that’s what I’ll be listening to. My husband has definitely sat down to dinner and said- “are we really listening to Soul Asylum?”.

My favorite way to relax:
Taking a bath! And now... I’ll include in silence.

My perfect day I would:
Just to hang out with my family. Walk around. Have lunch. Maybe go for a hike. Or spend all day at the beach if its beach weather.

I am inspired by:
All forms of creativity. Art. Music. Fashion. Writing.

I recently discovered:
That multitasking is a MUST HAVE skill.

The best advice I have received:
Not really advice- but I was once told that we all have a base level of anxiety. Acknowledging this has been huge for me- because I can tell when I’m creating or worrying about something just because things are so good. It’s a weird little mind game that I think a lot of people play with themselves. Although you could say its a form of holding back- I also think it’s probably a form or self preservation- or maybe that’s the same thing...Either way, when you are able to note that your doing it makes it much easier to stop and just be grateful.

My mantra is:
To stay in the moment.

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