Thoughts for the New Year

Thoughts for the New Year

Posted: January 30, 2017 by: Meredith Baird Figone

Starting January out with a flood of newness can actually feel quite counterintuitive. After all, January is in the middle of winter and it's the time to hibernate, to ground ourselves, and nurture our spirit in all of the post holiday tranquility. Unfortunately, what we typically do is hit the ground running and begin the year with system overload.

We seem to focus our energies on doing more, saying no more, and generally being harder on ourselves than we were the year before. We forget our commitment to slow down, and to take it a little easier. Don’t get us wrong, there is nothing faulty with striving to be a better version of yourself, but we believe that the best way to bring out our inner greatness is to nurture our spirits and to focus on receiving the year with a graceful, calm, strength.

This is how we ultimately make change for the better.

That's why this new year is the perfect time for the arrival of Nourished Journal Addition Four. With a subtle theme of grounding and an effort to dig deeper, we’ve taken what may seem like esoteric concepts and made them approachable.

In this issue, use dream analysis as way to deepen the understanding of your individual psychology. Take a look at astrology through the eyes of a skeptic, and find a moment to consider the celestial patterns as an outlet for self-discovery. Examine the term manifestation and learn how to apply it practically to your daily life.

Reconsider your wanderlust. Take an easy trip inland from Los Angeles to discover the warm and welcoming town of Los Alamos; where you will find wine created under the auspicious approach that perhaps a cheery glass could lead us down the path to world piece. Or give yourself the ultimate healing adventure and visit Esalen in Big Sur.

Step into the kitchen to create a delicious and grounding meal with foraged mushrooms; and digest why you should be sure to include healthy fats in your diet. And if tonic herbs seem like a fad, learn why they are not - and get to the root of this healing tradition.

And there is more…. Working on this issue left us deeply inspired by all the men and women who are striving to make the world more beautiful. Making an effort to better our lives by bettering their own.


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