Tutorial: Floral Crown

Tutorial: Floral Crown

Posted: September 23, 2014 by: Amber Hourigan

Tutorial first published as part of our Flora feature in Nourished Journal Edition One. The printed edition of Nourished Journal is available in our online store with free shipping worldwide. 

Step One

Take three or four floral wires and bundle them together. Adhere them together using brown floral tape. Make sure to wrap the tape around the wires tightly.

Step Two

At each end, make loops out of the wire and tape. Secure the hoops with more tape. This provides an easy way to attach ribbons for adjustable sizing.

Step Three

At this point, your foundation is complete. Take the crown and gently shape it to the size of your head.

Step Four

Now it’s time to decorate. Pick your flowers and foliage and start layering on. Use 2” pieces of wire to attach lighter leaves and stems.

Step Five

Once you have completed the base layer of decoration, use a hot glue gun to attach any heavy or delicate blooms.

Step Six
Finish by threading ribbon through end loops. Tie it onto your head as a headband or crown.

Heather Taylor

Jeana Sohn


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